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Excerpt is from RedmondReport, Page 12, December 2005:

Effective this month with the release of Windows Server 2003 R2, Microsoft will allow you to run up to four guest virtual machines on one host copy of Enterprise Edition without paying for additional Windows licenses.

Bob Kelly, general manager, infrastructure marketing for Windows Server System Group, sees enormous value in the ability to have a host and four additional virtual machines. “In today’s licensing, that’s about $20,000. In licensing that comes with R2, that’s $4,000,” Kelly says.

Of course, that assumes you’d be running the equivalent of five copies of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. IDC analyst Al Gillen says the cost benefits run a little tighter with more typical workloads, which involve Enterprise Edition as the host and Standard Editions as the guests.

“You’re going to find, according to Microsoft, the cost of purchasing the Enterprise Edition is going to be less than purchasing four copies of Standard Edition. It’s a benefits for customers who need four copies of Standard Edition. If they only need three, they might be at a break-even point,” Gillen says.

Personally I thought this was great news. It’s nice to see Microsoft willing to take a little licensing hit to get more interest in Windows Server for virtualization.

Even now from a architecture standpoint, when you spec out a project with multiple servers, the clients are looking to put those production applications into virtual servers. Definitely a compelling argument for better licensing from Microsoft.

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