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How to get your book published...

In regards to publisher channels.The thing to do is find a publisher that DOES NOT publish anything in the space you are trying to publish in.So that they have a clear path to add something to their portfolio.Think of it as a stock broker they are always looking to balance out their portfolios.Also if you can get an agent it is worth the 2 % since they will deal with the publisher for you.

Once you get in front of a publisher DO NOT show him the whole book pitch the concept and show an detailed outline.Be prepared with real numbers of your audience, for instance my audience consists of 3 areas(MS channel 850k, Education 1 mil, Finance 250k).SO I showed that on a possible 2 mil audience we at least could sell 2k in books.It cost the publisher usually 2-3 dollars a book for production and distribution cost. SO if they do a print run of 5k of books they need to at least sell 1500 books to break even. SO the 2k of books sold is a key number for them.

Also it goes without saying but I will mention it to you for your first book dont take an up front payment, go for the percentage.With up front the best you can expect (an agent will confirm this) is 10-12 %.Without it you can get up to 20% on a good deal.Remember 2% usually goes to the agent and 2% to the editor.

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