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Discounted Office 365 Home Premium Subscription

Great Amazon deal at $20 off the regular price for Office 365 Home Premium 1 Year Subscription Key Card. This can be used for your upcoming annual renewal as well. For Win7+. The funny part is that they send you a physical card. This would be perfect for a digital delivery, but I guess Microsoft does not trust Amazon that much.

EDIT: I bought this, and now Amazon has applied a $15 credit to my account that is valid for over a year. That brings the cost of this offer down to $65. Sweet.

UPDATE: I just entered the product key code from the Office / My Account page. (Look under Billing then Renewal Information.) Easily done. It comes in a nice but mostly useless box. A small envelope would have been just as good -- or an email. Highly recommended if you are renewing.



Gravatar Discounted Office 365 Home Premium Subscription longchamp online hong kong 12/11/2013 12:17 AM | longchamp online hong kong

# re: Discounted Office 365 Home Premium Subscription

Gravatar Möchte mein gekauftes Office 365 Home Premium auf meinem Computer freischalten. 3/4/2014 12:31 PM | Horst Jahnke

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