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Over the past several months, I frequently found myself cursing the Internet slowness of my fully loaded multi-core computer.  I cleaned, optimized, defragmented, flushed and did everything customary to resuscitate a lethargic machine.  A blog entry described the woes of someone in a similar position.  He speculated that the cause was Abobe's Flash plug-in for IE.

A Google search showed people with a similar problem and similar thoughts.  I figured it would not hurt to just kill Flash ... kill it as in dead, dead, dead.

My first action was to remove Flash via Add/Remove programs.  That action finished so fast that I figured that they just unregistered the plug-in and deleted it from the Control Panel.  That was not dead enough for me.

Second, I brought out the big gun and ran the Adobe Flash uninstaller.  The uninstaller reported all the files it deleted, even after the Control Panel uninstall. After a restart, I fired up IE8 and watched happily as web site after web site asked to install Flash.

Flash was dead.

I then went to the Adobe Flash web site and ran a fresh install.  The install took a bit of time, but in the end it was successful.  Back on the web, site after site snapped onto the screen.  IE8 no longer paused while loading the page.  Life was good.  I can only speculate that the years of various Flash updates had gotten out of synch.  The flush and restart was successful.

Now if I can only speed up Java loading so I see less of the cyclotron....

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2009 10:56 PM Software | Back to top

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