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My children's artwork adorns the walls of my house in several locations.  It is regularly replaced with the most recent efforts, since the preschools seem to excel at a multitude of different craft projects.  At home, we favor crayons and washable markers, but we keep close control of them.

This evening my three-year-old decided to climb up Daddy's chair and get onto my desk.  A ball point pen beckoned from a pen holder placed far from a child-accessible edge.  The canvas -- two 19-inch LCD screens.  She seemed pleased with her art work when I came in, but I certainly was not.

I tried several cleaners unsuccessfully, but then had great success using full-strength isopropyl rubbing alcohol.  I have been meaning to clean them for awhile.  I just did not want to get around to it for this particular reason.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 11:59 PM & Etc. , Personal | Back to top

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