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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World April 2005 Entries
Nautical Terminology: Chewing the Fat
"God made the vittles but the devil made the cook," was a popular saying used by seafaring men in the 19th century when salted beef was the staple diet aboard ship.  This tough cured beef, suitable for long voyages when nothing else was cheap or would keep as well (remember, there was no refrigeration), required prolonged chewing to make it edible.  Men often chewed one chunk for hours, just as if it were chewing gum and referred to this practice as "chewing the fat."

Posted On Tuesday, April 26, 2005 11:02 PM

Comment Spam
I just got hit with dozens of spam comments from China.  Isn't there a newer version of .TEXT which provides better comment management?  A bulk delete capability would be awesome.

Posted On Monday, April 25, 2005 2:28 PM

Catching Up / Hurricane Preps Continue
Posting has been slow recently because of work in the real world and a family trip. When you travel over 2700 miles in a vehicle with two small children (aged 20 months and 3 months) you need to take some time to recover. Other than unpacking, truck cleaning and yard work, there has been little free time. There is still some work I need to do on the EDR and, of course, the Honey Do list. I did manage to get an order in to a reseller of hurricane panels two weeks ago to protect my most vulnerable ......

Posted On Sunday, April 24, 2005 12:14 PM

Chris Brumme: Please Come In From The Cold
I agree with Chris Anderson and Brad Abrams. Chris Brumme needs to resume blogging. He has written some of the highest density blog material ever ......

Posted On Thursday, April 7, 2005 8:27 PM

Hurricane Preparations: Stucco Cracks and Holes
Added Update 2. Stucco is concrete. Concrete is brittle. Brittle materials crack. Therefore, stucco cracks. Boy, do I know stucco gets cracks. I just spent many hours sealing cracks on the outside of my house. Since a crack is also a hole, it lets in water and bugs. Paint is very important when you have a concrete house. A number of houses built by Ryland Homes leaked during last year's storms. Much of the leakage was directly through the concrete walls due a failure of the paint system. (There were ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 6, 2005 11:47 PM

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