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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World November 2004 Entries
Implementing a Custom Forms Designer in .NET
Update: I have started a series of posts which will build towards implementing as full-featured design surface as I can manage. The series begins here. Over the past few years, I have been doing some research on implementing a forms design surface within a program. I see it as a way to provide a visual design connection for my next major project when we move a VB6 program that is very forms intensive to one that is much less so and is focused on user design and documents. Here are some of the references ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 23, 2004 7:16 PM

Aiming Low as an Operating System

It took me several tries to achieve this.

You are Windows 1.0.  You're a worthless piece of crap that should've never been born.  Luckily, your parents were able to conceive again.  They rarely let you out of the closet.

Which OS are You?

Posted On Wednesday, November 10, 2004 8:21 PM

I Am a Modern File Extension
I had always wondered. It figures that I am something that evolved after DOS. I am still very happy that I chose to not program in C for Windows286. Which File Extension are You ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 10, 2004 5:56 PM

Nautical Terminology: Feeling Blue
If you are sad and describe yourself as "feeling blue," you are using a phrase coined from a custom among many old deepwater sailing ships. If the ship lost the captain or any of the officers during its voyage, she would fly blue flags and have a blue band painted along her entire hull when returning to home port. Update: The closest you will get to seeing appreciable amounts of blue on a modern US Navy ship is if one has recently sailed above the Arctic Circle. This rare “Bluenose” cruise ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 9, 2004 9:29 PM

Elections and the Volunteer Military
After this election cycle, I think I am very much over it. We should resolve to no longer allow anyone born before January 1, 1955 from running for public office. Why 1955? The answer actually lies in 1973. There have been many fake draft rumors over the past several months. In fact, the Selective Service System draft has not been in effect since July 1, 1973. Since people become eligible for the draft at age 18 1/2, anyone born on or after January 1, 1955 was never subject to the draft. It was the ......

Posted On Saturday, November 6, 2004 10:33 PM

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