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OK, enough now.  Our little slice of Florida here near Orlando will shortly be hit by our third hurricane of the year.  The outer rain bands are moving across the area now.  We got hit by Hurricanes Charley and Frances, then were faked out by Hurricane Ivan.  We were sorry (in a sickly happy way) that the Florida panhandle got whacked by Ivan.  Now, we have Hurricane Jeanne approaching.  The sad fact is that many fewer people are evacuating for this storm than for previous ones.  I hope those staying are ready for any physical and psychological trauma they may have to endure.

We are ready for this storm.  I have repaired our warped plywood storm shutters.  I did not appreciate the psychological benefit they offered until Hurricane Frances.  With just glass between you and the storm (Hurricane Charley), you are always wondering if something will come along and break the window, letting in the rain.  That concern is greatly eased with even a thin 1/2-inch of plywood covering the glass.  With two hurricanes of use, the cost and effort to construct the shutters is well worth it.  We are seriously considering installing real steel hurricane shutters after the season ends.

One benefit of using code approved hurricane shutters is that we can get a homeowner insurance credit (a.k.a. a discount).  Our insurer (USAA) offers a credit for roof shape (hip is better than gable or flat) and for "openings protection."  The impact resistant coverings must meet the requirements of one of the following standards: SSTD 12; ASTM E 1886 and ASTME 1996; Miami-Dade PA 201, 202, and 203; or Florida Building Code TAS 201, 202, and 203.  While the credit will not cover the full cost of the shutters, every little bit helps.  We eventually intend to get something that meets these standards for both the credit and the protection.

In case you have not noticed, central Florida has gotten hit by hurricanes at three week intervals this summer.  We are penciling in the next hurricane for the weekend of October 16-17.  Be here to celebrate with us!

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