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Well sort of, but I have been distracted by external events for the past couple of weeks.  Check out all of my hurricane related posts here.

Work and weather defense has been keeping me away from almost everything else.  Now, a third hurricane (Ivan) is approaching.  This too we shall survive, but I wanted to make some comments for those of you who are not in the state.

I would not necessarily accuse the news media of lies, but they exist to attract your eyeballs, so they tend to exaggerate and sensationalize things.  From watching the media, you would think Florida is a vast, powerless wasteland.  Actually, it is the older neighborhoods that were hit hardest.  Fifty or so years ago, the cities went on a tree planting binge to green up what was naturally very little forest.  It was these trees which rotted and fell across the power lines.

Basically any house with a roof older than ten years suffered damaged tiles.  For some subdivisions, that meant almost every roof.  The manufactured and mobile homes took major hits, but then they always have.  They are inherently not as strong as regular construction.  The scenes of devastation you saw from Charley and Frances were generally limited to the coast near where the eye wall came ashore.  Yes, agriculture took a hit, but the rest of the state is pretty much open for business.

After a birthday party tomorrow, we will be going to Disney (probably Epcot) to see some fireworks and relax.  Having annual passes is a wonderful thing.  We need to have a break from the hurricane preps and keeping a one-year-old occupied.

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# Would you please post this video request
Requesting Gravatar...

Discovery Channel is searching for the most exciting and incredible hurricane footage that has yet to be shown on national telelvision.

For those of you who ended up riding out the storms, we want to see your video.

We will accept home video, or the work amateur or semi-professional storm-chasers. We will accept any footage as far back as Andrew in 1992.

People will be compensated and tapes will be returned. A contract for use will be required.

If you have some great shots, please call this toll-free number: 877-324-3736. Note: this number will be in service only from 9/28/04 to 10/15/04.

Many thanks,

James Manfull
Discovery Communications, Inc.

Left by James Manfull on Sep 29, 2004 2:25 PM

# Time to think about storm season
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Mark Treadwell over at has a hurricane category with a bunch of good tips for preparing and suriving hurricane season. Now that I'll have a house to deal with this year, there will be a lot of work for...
Left by Imablog on Apr 10, 2005 12:43 PM

# re: Welcome to the Hurricane Blog
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Hurricanes are party crashers! All is left to do is to go with the flow..or do I mean flood..
Left by Claudia on Aug 29, 2005 3:52 PM

# Help for Mississippi
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Hello All;
I received this email from a friend of mine in Misssissippi. I hope that you can help. The following is the email:

I tried to get this on the web site but am not sure it went, if it did not make it , would one of you please put it on our yahoo site, for me,, thanks

Just in case your station outside of Mississippi is not giving you what you want to hear,, I have news from the local PEOPLE, not the news media,,, there has been looting in Hattiesburg, and some of the larger towns,,, the police have been over whelmed just trying to regulate traffic at the FEW gas stations open,,, so they are not paying much attention to the starving populations,,,, the smaller towns like mendenhall, Prentiss, Columbia, silver creek, kiln,, just to name a few,,,, have really pulled together,, but they lack Water to drink and cook with,, they lack Gasoline to run there generators, Food is abundant in the small towns as all of us put up canned goods every year, that is how us poor folks survive the low wages in MISSISSIPPI,,, but the US military is delivering MRE.s to the these people, they need water and gas, the GOVT is out of touch with most of the people in MISSISSIPPI and I can't forget the VERY small towns in LA,,,, new orleans is on the news because the dumb ass news media thinks that is the only story... we also have a lot of hunters down here in the small towns, everyone also carries a gun down here,, we dont need the 82nd air borne down here is our small towns with shoot to kill orders,,, maybe in NO and on the coast but not in our small communities, we take care of our own stuff,,,, Just like you would in your small communities if they were hit like this,,, I know the worst damage was on the COAST, but the small towns lost everything, they are back in the late 1800's,, no phone, no running water, no elect,, no TV,, and the batteries are running out on the radios,AAA and C batteries, some D cell,, phones are dying, the towers are down,,, this is just a few things, if you want to do something, pick up a case of water and send it to a small town in Mississippi or a SMALL town in LA,,, get your map out, pick a small town, look up the zip code at and mail the water to the Police department in the small city with a note who you are or not, and just tell them it is from the Veterans of the 8-4 Artillery,,,, that will help more than any thing,, also baby formula, and diapers,,, soap, deodorant,, any small thing, remember the care packages we use to get it. do the same thing the USPS will deliver it to whom ever you send it to, send it to the Postmaster at that small town, believe me everyone comes to the Post office every day if they can,,,,, I just gave my generator to a person that my wife works with,, they have running water but no Elec... think about it , if everyone of you mail something to each little town,, the USPS has to deliver it, I know I work for the bastards that make us,,, I will help deliver it believe me,,,I love all of you guys, you do what your heart tells you to do,, there are a lot of Retired veterans down here also so I know they will be proud to get anything you send, one more thing pick out a town south of Hattiesburg, the rest of us is not fine but we can SURVIVE better than they can,, thanks bob Slater.

Thank you for takeing the time to read this and can help.

Robert R. Zahara
Left by Robert F. Zahara on Sep 05, 2005 5:32 AM

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