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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World

Here in the United States, April 15th is the dreaded day by which we must file the forms (and possibly pay) for our Federal and state taxes for the previous calendar year.  Inevitably, the television news will station a reporter at a post office to interview the late filers as they come to mail their tax returns (the requirement is a postmark no later than midnight before penalties start to apply).  Each year you can hear the same lame stories from the poor unfortunate souls the depressed journalists choose to shove their cameras in front of.  Think of it as a holiday ritual, but file early!  You are warned.

We are also only a week from Administrative Professionals Day on the 21st.  It used to be called Secretaries Day, but that was viewed by the Politically Correct Phraseologists as being too pejorative.  So remember your Administrative Professional on their day!  You are warned.

Here in Orlando, we have the mighty Orlando .NET User Group.  ONETUG has a great meeting coming up in two weeks on the 28th with Stan Schultes of DotNetNuke fame laying down some code for a custom module.  Regretfully, I'll be on the road for the government (spending those tax dollars you are about to pay), so I'll miss both the ONETUG meeting as well as the free Microsoft Security Summit being held here on the 28th as well.  Nuts.  More bodies are needed to overwhelm the events, so show up!  You are warned.

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