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The requirements post for my Reference Application ended up being way too long --- so where to start?  I chose to go with exception management.  I fully anticipate making lots of errors, so a robust error handling scheme will have a big payback.

I have read extensively and am including some of the links below.  My code will follow in a later entry as I complete it and smooth its look.  It will include dummy links to a logging framework, unhandled exception handler, enhanced exception display form, enhanced assertion display form, custom exception base class, and other features.  As always, comments will be welcome.

The first three links below constitute just about the best material you can get on this subject.  If you have never read Chris Brumme's blog, you need to.  It has some of the highest density material around.  Highly recommended.

Update: I cannot believe I forgot the basic source I am using for my new exception form.  I really like Jason's form layout and his article explains things well.  Kathleen has an interesting technique to add XML comments the developer can maintain.

Posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 4:32 PM Programming | Back to top

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