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Well, I'm back after a long 2 days of interviews in Redmond.  I have lots of good information to dish out.  However, you will have to wait since my notebook is out of my reach and I'm itching to play some games right now instead of blog.  In a sign that I've truly entered the state of blogger geekdom, I brought along my notebook to the interviews and took notes.  These notes however were designed to help me write a blog entry when I got back home.  Lots of notes on the atmosphere, a room full of nervous recruits ( including one recruit blatangly doing something so wrong even before his interview started), a receptionist from Greece with Krispy Kreme donuts, the hour and a half technical interview, the guy from Yacolt (bonus if you know where that city is...I do), and an interviewer on the SQL team that I really hit it off with.

All that will have to wait though.  But in order to keep the suspense level down (well, like anybody cares, but I blog with the notion that a million adoring fans are plugged into my virtual blogosphere with bated breath just waiting to hear what I have to say next), I will tell you what I think...well...I think I did well...quite well.  Did I get the job?  We'll have to wait and see which is what I said last time.  I have a notion of what the result will be just like last time and let's hope that just like last time, I'm right.

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