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  • Well, I was actually quite surprised to see that the Spiderman 2 demo is out.  I'm anticipating this game, but didn't even know it was coming out for PC's. 
  • A game I've never heard of called Besieger also has a demo out.  It's a RTS which is not my favorite genre but I'll probably check it out anyway.
  • Carmageddon 4 in 2005!  Ok, I'm excited about this one.  I played the 1st and loved it especially on the LAN.  The 2nd stunk and the 3rd was pretty good.  I don't play it for the running over pedestrians factor, but rather the cool car physics.  With driving games (GTA, Mafia, Carmageddon), I spend most of the time looking for object to jump over and stunts to perform.  I'm also anxiously awaiting Driv3r but a recent Gamespot first impressions article dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.
  • I am playing City of Heroes now as my MMORPG of choice.  It is by far the best experience in the genre that I've had and as such, I have put more time into it than other MMO's (my main is named MonoCrash on the Justice server fyi).  A new video of the first major update was released and man does it look awesome.  However, by looking at it, I don't think my level 18 char can take those mech's.
  • Lineage II received a dismal 6.0 from Gamespot.  I was on the beta for that game and agree with most of what he said.  I was drawn to the game based on the fact that the dev's said it would ship with castle siege's and clan warfare.  Well, it didn't but apparently will in the next major update.  The graphics are quite nice but gamers have been pounding into game developer's heads that eye candy isn't everything.  Gameplay is way more important.  City of Heroes developer's nailed it (and it also looks purty).  So, when castle sieges are introduced into Lineage II, I might give it a try.

Here's what I'm playing right now:

  • City of Heroes
  • Final Fantasy X (since I just recently completed my console collection by buying a PS2. Definately one of my all time favorite games so far.)
  • Suikoden III (not as good as Final Fanstasy X but I'm still enjoying it.  My kid hates it though)
  • UT2k4 (this is what we play on the LAN now.  We switched from Desert Combat for BF1942, played BFV once, and now play this. Awesome game)
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