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  • UPDATE: This post has become quite popular. Due to this demand, 2 web sites have sprung up as a response. WORLDSUPERHEROREGISTRY.COM founded by Kevlex and founded by yours truly. I didn't create my site as competition for Kevlex but only as a community service to my friends that visit this page. Who knows, maybe Kevlex and I will join forces in the future to create the first true Justice League type organization! :-)

Ok, this is an odd post but something I've always wondered.  Let me begin by saying that my current game that I'm playing for the PC is called “City of Heroes” which is one of those MMORPG's.  It's a great game especially if you're tired of the same old fantasy based game that all other MMO's are.  Let's just hope they start ramping up the content since it only took about 12 days or so for someone to hit the highest level (40).

So I'm sitting at my desk looking at some E3 news when I see an ad for the new Spiderman 2 game coming out (which itself looks awesome too).  I then recalled a question I've asked myself many times in the past: Why aren't there any real life superheroes?  Now, I obviously don't mean people with extraordinary powers like flight or telekinesis. Let's take Batman for instance.  He has no powers.  Everything he has is based on technical gadgets that he can afford due to his wealth.

I went on the web to see if in fact there is some real life person walking around trying to be a superhero.  I found one by the name of “Angle Grinder” but he's boring.  He just goes around and cuts off special locking devices the police put on cars in the UK for some reason.  Another one is named Terrifica (c'mon, can't we think of something more creative) who apparently rescues drunk women from sexual advances or something.  Another story was about a prankster who got the local media and soon the national media to believe that a man with a brown mask is going around some small town rescuing people (but it is just a hoax).

So, where are all the superheroes?  I know there are some seriously crazy people out in the world but there has to be at least one crazy person with brains that can create superhero gadgets ala Batman.  Bonus if someone can find a superhero with their very own web page and/or blog!

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