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Ok, I just went and through the whole iPod thing out the door.  Why? Well, it doesn't play WMA's for one.  I thought you might be able to buy an FM tuner for it.  They have an FM receiver that allows you to transmit to an FM station so you can listen to your MP3's in the car, but that's not what I'm looking for.  Finally, I already have an digital music player (Nomad Jukebox 2).  So, I have come to a final decision.

I bought the XBox the day it came out.  Unfortunately, I received one of the “bad” XBox's that shipped with bad DVD drives.  I learned to live with the fact that some games just won't work and others just barely (I actually found that if I lay the XBox at an angle, it works better).  Basically, my XBox has been an exercise in frustration.  I also have a GameCube.  No problems with it.  The majority of games don't suit me since it's really more for my kids.  So I'm thinking...I have an XBox...I have a GameCube...I might as well get the whole collection and buy a Playstation 2 (I also have a Playstation 1).  I've always wanted to play some of the games on the PS2 (Final Fantasy X and X-2).  Now I just have to wait for the funds to come in, I already got the go ahead from the Mrs. (no, really, I do wear the pants in the family).  Waiting is always the hard part.

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Well all I can say about X box is that it is the most superior of all the gaming systems.


It doesn't take much to screwup the hard drives, as well as the design of the cd tray is bad, it is designed to actually damage the cds, not protect them.

As well as I believe the hard contains code that rendeers some game unplayabel after so long.

for example:

I have purchased 2 used games (Starw Wars clone wars) Very very scratch up, I was very upset to see this after I bought it. anyway

I also purchased WWF Raw, some what scratch up, but nothing deep and very obvious, wasn't very upset about this one.

However Clone wars plays with out much problem, sometimes the sound cuts out, but it still plays ok.

Now Raw it starts to load, and just as it stats it intro screen. the cd stops! I can hear the buzz and beeping just stop cold, and the screen just sits there.
And no it never loads in anything ealse, and I will only wait 10 minutes before I realize something is wrong!

I tried my HALO game it is compairbly scratched up, (this from the cd rom drive I know! yet it still plays just fine>

So why do I think that HARD drive has code written to out date games, Because HALO, is a Microsoft developed game, as well as the contratc between microsoft and Lucas arts in the star wars clone wars game.

Yet WWF Raw, is game just developed by an independant company, as well as it doesnt have much future sale value, on its own, however it does provide exuse to purchase new WWF game titles when it does not opperate any longer.

Yes X box is an awsome system however Bill Gates has always displayed a lack of Marality when it comes to his marketing stratagy. think about how many Operating systems he put out on the market that were incompleat (requires patch download or update straight off the cd install.)

As well as the purchase of a whole new computer when you upgrade to XP.

So Xbox is most certianly no exeption, but insted its the most recient example of Bill gates ability to maniputate people out of there money over and over again.

Left by Jerri on Dec 30, 2004 3:46 PM

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