Interview Trivia Questions

There is a style of technical interview question which I think is more or less pointless. Here's some examples, with what I think is a question worth asking instead.

MSIs, Visual Studio Extension Manager and Possible Kim Kardashian

I’ve now reached v1.5.1 of the ReadableExpressions Debugger Visualizers, and solving a recent bug led me on a bit of an adventure. Here's the details, along with a tenuous Kim Kardashian reference.

ReadableExpressions Debugger Visualizers now in the Visual Studio Gallery

Bowing to vast, popular demand (one comment), I've now put an installer for the ReadableExpressions Debugger Visualizers on the Visual Studio Gallery.

ASP.NET Core and MVC 6 Lessons Learned

I recently finished a small website using ASP.NET Core and MVC 6 - I only scratched the surface of the framework, but here's some gotchas and things I picked up along the way.

Spotting a Missing Object

There are various tell-tale signs when a system is missing an object, and I spotted some of them recently while writing the ReadableExpressions library. Here's how.

Friendly, Readable Expression Trees

Introducing ReadableExpressions, a simple PCL which generates a friendly, readable view of an Expression Tree.

Death of a Scrum Room

A friend of mine works at a company where the scrum process is gradually being phased out. Why is it happening, and what are the consequences?

NDepend on a Real Project (Again): My Critical Errors

Following on from my look at the non-critical errors NDepend 6 told me about on my project, here's a look at the more serious stuff - the critical errors.

NDepend on a Real Project (Again): My Non-Critical Errors

Following on from last time, here's a look at some of the non-critical errors NDepend 6 told me about on my project.

NDepend on a Real Project (Again): Version 6's New Stuff

There's a new version of NDepend out in the wild, so I thought I'd give it a whirl on my pet object-object mapper project. Here's a quick overview of some of the new features.