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So I have been using the generated WMI Classes from the Management (WMI) Extensions for Visual Studio .NET 2003 Server Explorer to build yet another version of a Suspended Queue Listener for when Biztalk Suspeneds a message in our FIFO solution. Anyway I ran into snag after the event fires. I get the suspended instance id without a problem but when I use the GetInstances with a SerivceInstanceID clause I only get one message, even when the suspended instance could have 2 or more messages suspended within it.

Here is the snippet:


  const int Zombies = 16;

  ServiceInstance.ServiceInstanceCollection serviceInstances = ServiceInstance.GetInstances( String.Format( "ServiceStatus='{0}'", Zombies ) );


  foreach ( ServiceInstance SuspendedInstance in serviceInstances )



    MessageInstance.MessageInstanceCollection messageInstances = MessageInstance.GetInstances( String.Format( "ServiceInstanceID='{0}'", SuspendedInstance.InstanceID ) );


    foreach( MessageInstance SuspendedMsg in messageInstances )


      Console.WriteLine( SuspendedMsg.MessageInstanceID );





Anybody have any ideas?

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2006 10:34 AM Biztalk | Back to top

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