Microsoft Operation Management

Find which MOM rules use a script.

In MOM 2000 there is no ability to quickly find which rules use the script. I found a script in MOM/Rules/Advanced/Scripts/ ( or alternatively in DB one point Script table) and my question was which rules run the script. Use [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRu... table to find the rules. select * from [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRu... where Idscript='5c4a58cf-709c-4a1... GUID is just example) select * from [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRule] where idProcessRule in ( select idProcessRule ......

MOM error- "BounceService: Service start of OnePoint failed. Error: 10"

Today our MOM 2000 stopped working. Looking on MOM Esrver local eventlog we found that every few minutes OnePoint starts , than we have message "BounceService: Service start of OnePoint failed. Error: 10" and it stops. Attempt to start OnePoint manually didn't succeeded. I was able to find workaround based on info from article To start OnePoint service I had to disable rule for "Agents Consolidators or Data Access Servers" (full path ......

MOM Notes

We are using MOM 2000 for monitoring the application. Below are a few links that I found useful : How to delete orphaned server/s records from "OnePoint" Database in particular shows that in OnePoint database Event.idGeneratedBy =computer.idComputer , which is useful for queries per computer. We periodically have a long delay(sometimes up to 30 min) before events from computers appear in MOM. I noticed that delay disappeared after a message "A rule has generated 50 alerts in the last 60 seconds... ......