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We have only couple of developers who are using PostSharp.Toolkit.Diagnostics and having  PostSharp Pro license .
However ther are much more developers , who are building our solution, but do not required Toolkit.Diagnostics XmlMulticast features, that are referred in %ProjName%.psproj file.

As a workaround I've suggested to to replace locally psproj file with dummy, that doesn't have XmlMulticast(PostSharp feature that available only in Pro edition).

If a developer doesn't have PostSharp Pro license, they shoul set  Environment variable POSTSHARP_PRO=false to effectively exclude psproj from the build on their local machine.
detailed instructions How to Add, Remove or Edit Environment variables in Windows 7 can be found at
For Each project using PostSharp.Toolkit.Diagnostics  A subfolder DEV.Config has been created.
It includes minimal dev.psproj , 
and the full %ProjName%.psproj (e.g. MyProject.psproj ) that is used as a master version on build machine.

%ProjName%.psproj located in the root on local machines should kept  as minimal – the same as Dev.Config\dev.psproj.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!--Empty project for developers without PostSharp Pro.

       Do NOT check-in   %ProjName%.psproj


       <Project xmlns="" ReferenceDirectory="{$ReferenceDirectory}">

              <Property Name="LoggingBackEnd" Value="nlog" />

              <Using File="default" />





For each project that uses toolkit insert into PreBuild Event command line
cmd /c $(ProjectDir)\DEV.Config\PreBuild.cmd $(ProjectName)

File DEV.Config\PreBuild.cmd
rem developers without PostSharp Pro installed please set environment variable POSTSHARP_PRO=false
@rem  see detailed instructions  How to Add, Remove or Edit Environment variables in Windows 7
@REM Insert into PreBuild Event command line
@REM cmd /c $(ProjectDir)\DEV.Config\PreBuild.cmd $(ProjectName)
set ProjName=%1
set PSProjFile=..\%ProjName%.psproj
if  '%POSTSHARP_PRO%=='false goto devPsproj
set FileFrom=%ProjName%.psproj
@goto copyFile
set FileFrom=dev.psproj
rem The current dir seems to be \bin\Debug for Library project, but \bin for WAP(Webjet application project)
cd ..\..\Dev.Config

ATTRIB -R %PSProjFile%
copy /Y %FileFrom% %PSProjFile%
@rem pause
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