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I wanted to use in my solution, but it caused compile error
Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly does not have a strong name

REASON: When you compile an assembly with a strong name, any referenced assemblies must also have strong name.

I could sign Cache project using Visual Studio or using commands as described in “Tip related to strong name”. But It also required to sign referenced DLLs, like BplusTree from

Fortunately I’ve found the discussion The assembly strong naming conundrum where most of the people agreed that

if nothing was strong named (outside of framework assemblies), we would be better off. As long as you don't attempt to use the GAC (which has many issues), then strong naming just doesn't seem to give much tangible benefit. And it certainly does cause pain, because you start needing to add binding redirects left and right when you update some components.

If you're building "just" websites maybe you don't need strong naming at all.

It sounds reasonable and we decided to get rid of assembly signing. It takes some time to remove Sign, if you have more than 50 projects in the solutions. Also for InternalsVisibleTo Attribute it's required to remove public key, because DLLs are not strongly named anymore.

However in codeplex projects it would be a good idea to provide signed DLLs in release download.

Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2012 11:31 PM ASP.NET , .Net Framework | Back to top

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