March 2012 Entries

Copy to local drive before running installations

I've downloaded Windows Identity Foundation from when I was trying to install, it returned ---------------------------... Update Standalone Installer------------------... encountered an error: 0x80070003The system cannot find the path specified.-----------------... tried a few other similar downloads, and all had the same error,Finally I’ve realized, that they don’t want to run from shared ......

Extract substrings starting with known text from long lines

I’ve received a .csv report from TripWire logs, where each entry is a long text strings.I needed to extract some substring from each row, e.g “ErrorCode: ABC1234” where preceding text is constant, but actual error code could be different. In TSQL I can do someting similar using patIndex and substring, text,substring(TEXT,PATINDEX ('%ErrorCode:%',TEXT),10)In C# I can do it using RightAfter and TrimLength from My StringHelperRightAfter(Text... But I was able to ......

CodePlex downloads without strong name for an assembly

I wanted to use in my solution, but it caused compile errorAssembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly does not have a strong nameREASON: When you compile an assembly with a strong name, any referenced assemblies must also have strong name.I could sign Cache project using Visual Studio or using commands as described in “Tip related to strong name”. But It also required to sign referenced DLLs, like BplusTree from http://bplusdotnet.sourcefo... I’ve ......

Custom HTTP response header to identify server in a farm.

We wanted to follow recommendation from to“add “From” header and set the server name. I do this on each webserver and specify different names on each box. It’s handy to see from which servers requests are being served. When you are trying to troubleshoot load balancing issues, it comes handy to see if a particular server is sending requests” However one of the client of our rest service reported that From value in the response ......