January 2012 Entries

Syncronize IIS servers in a web farm to enable ETags

It’s known that on web Farm using of eTags under IIS doesn’t work properly unless all servers are synchronized.http://support... suggests to synchronize the ETag values on all the Web servers that are running IIS using Mdutil.exe that should be extracted from Windows CDhttp://developer.yahoo.co... to use iiscnfg.vbs script (with the /copy switch) to keep cluster configuration synced up, this keeps the MDETAGCHANGENUMBER ......

How to disable messages for category based on severity in EnterpriseLibrary logging configuration

Microsoft documentation article Source Schema for the Logging Application Block is very hard to follow,the set of articles http://www.education.vic.go... is much betterFinally I found Log Event to Listener Routing in Enterprise Library article, that very clear described available options , how to disable/enable logging There are three Filters provided out of the box including a LogEnabledFilter which is a very effective ......

Javascript coding style recommendation: in return and throw statements use only simple variables

My collegue told me that placing the opening curly brace at the end of the line is safer than at the beginning of the new line, because it prevents some hard-to-debug errors, related to Automatic Semicolon Insertion and pointed me to the article Basic JavaScript Part 6: Automatic Semicolon Insertion. The article has the recommendation Trying to outline curly braces at the end of the line can save you some headaches in case a semicolon is forgotten somewhere in the code.The statement is misleading ......