December 2011 Entries

Using CTT to modify config files for different environments

We previously tried to use msbuild to adjust configuration files for different environments. Recently I found C onfig Transformation Tool(CTT) on CodePlex and with addition of global replace using powershell it is enough and easier to do all required modifications Content of ChangeConfig.cmd: ctt s:..\web.config t:WebConfig.CTT d:..\web.config powershell.exe -command "Get-Content ..\Remoting.config | ForEach-Object { $_ -replace '//localhost/ServicesCI/', '//ServerName01/ServicesCI/' } | Set-Content ......

Bookmarking for e-reading devices(Kindle and IPad)

Our family has Kindle and IPad, and periodically I had to use one or another. Normally I prefer IPad, but Kindle has 2 advantages - on a light sun it’s much easy to read Kindle screen, and it also have free free wireless internet(but browser is quite limitted),when for my IPad wi-fi is required. A few months ago I’ve wrote a post about Kindle and ability to transfer articles using Instapaper add-on I beleive that it’s the most convinient way to pass html files ......