July 2011 Entries

Make WCF services to help use the same namespace when called from WCF Clients

We have two services, that can be called independently, but also can be used together. They have some common types, and if they called together, default Visual Studio proxy generation will create the same types in different namespaces. There are multiple articles, that recommend to use command line SvcUtil instead of Visual Studio IDE. The article How to reuse types across service endpoints suggests on client side manually update Reference.svcmap to include multiple <MetadataSources> and NamespaceMappings ......

Some compatibility differences between versions of SQL Server

In our environment most of developers use SQL Server 2008,but in production we have SQL Server 2005, and some databases still have compatibility level 80(SQL server 2000) It sometimes causes problems E.g. the SQL wtitten on SQL Server 2008 INSERT INTO[dbo].[SiteIds] ([SiteID], [SiteCode],[ParentID]) VALUES (11,'ChildOfXX',(select [SiteID] from [SiteIds] where SiteCode='XX')) GO on SQL Server 2005 caused Msg 1046, Level 15, State 1, Line 5 Subqueries are not allowed in this context. Only scalar expressions ......

T-SQL function to Get Maximum of values from the same row

Based on the ScottPletcher solution from http://www.experts-exchange... --SELECT dbo.GetMax(23, 45, 64, 22, 18, 224, 74, 138, 1, 98, 11, 86, 198) --Naturally adjust data type to match what you actually need for your specific values I’ve created a set of functions (e.g. GetMaxOfDates3 , GetMaxOfDates13 )to find max of up to 13 Date values. CREATE FUNCTION GetMaxOfDates13 ( @value01 DateTime = NULL, @value02 DateTime = NULL, @value03 DateTime = NULL, ......

Localization Approach for ASP.NET Web site

String Resources For string resources we will use local/global resources connecting to DB using DbResourceProvider from “Creating a Data Driven ASP.NET Localization Resource Provider and Editor” http://www.west-wind.com/pr... It also has DbResourceControl, that shows controls with Localizable attribute and connect them to editor. From http://guysmithferrier.com/... and http://www.guysmithferrier.... ......