September 2008 Entries

My experience with upgrading TFS 2005 to TFS 2008

I can describe my feeling of mgration from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008 in one word-NIGHTMARE. Summary of recommendations. 1.Create combined TFS 2008+SP1 setup as described in and in the latest Team Foundation Installation Guide 2. Read Team Foundation Installation Guide ,Upgrade TFS 2005 to 2008 , Tips for upgrading from TFS2005 to TFS2008 3. If you are using fully-qualified domain names (FQDN, e.g., , replace the FQDN with NetBios ......

Set div to the vertical middle of the browser window

Our application shows custom HTML confirm message box, that we wanted to locate in the middle of the browser window. If I would start from the scratch, I would use Ajax Control Toolkit ModalPopup However, because the proprietary code to show div has been already written, I wanted just to set vertical position of the div. I've created a function based on code from AlwaysVisibleControlExtende... Initially it didn't work, because common.JS getClientBounds : function() returned 0 clientHeight and clientWidth. ......

Javascript variable declaration scope is different from C#.

It's well known that JavaScript is similar to C++/C#, but doesn't required explicit declaration of the variables. However, it worth to read specification(e.g. ) to understand subtle differences. I didn't know, that a variable implicitly declared within a function is a global variable. For example, function foo() { g= 17;//it's global, will be visible outside the function after the function will be executed var x = 17;//local, not visible outside ......