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For some reasons, it took me a few google search attempts to find the following tools:

 MSDN includes  Workflow Monitor Sample -Windows executable to view details of tracked workflows.

When downloaded, copy EXE to your bin directory when custom workflow DLLs are located.
Ensure that tracking database doesn't have too many instances, to avoid timeouts.


Jon Flanders put together the ASP.NET implementation of the Workflow Monitor SDK sample. 

 MSDN Tracking Samples mostly described how to store tracking data, but  ConsoleTrackingService Sample shows how to write the contents of tracked data to the console.
It is good for debugging, getting trace in Output window, but the records in the sample are too wordy. The similar class in Pro WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 3.5 is more brief- output one line per event. The issue with showing time of event in UTC can be fixed by calling  the method

        //the logged dateTimes are in UTC

        private DateTime GetDateInRequiredTimeZone(DateTime utcDate)


            //TODO: if required, leave in UTC or change as configurable

            return utcDate.ToLocalTime();


For configurartion tracking service see the answer in the thread Custom Tracking service in app.config, Web.config web service workflow

Related MSDN articles:Windows Workflow Foundation: Tracking Services Introduction", Windows Workflow Foundation: Tracking Services Deep Dive

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