DotNetNuke ResourceInstaller.Install Method parameters

DotNetNuke ResourceInstaller.Install Method has parameters that are not documented.

Public Sub Install( _ 
   ByVal status As 
Boolean, _ 
   ByVal indent As 
Integer, _ 
   ByVal type As 
String _ 

status -if true, it sends output to HttpContext.Current.Response, otherwise it is silent.

indent-number of " "s inserted before output messages send to HttpContext.Current.Response. if status=false, ignored.

type -if "modules", it only installs new modules (called from InstallDNN), otherwise installs all resources(including skins, containers etc)

Running Jscript demo functions from MSDN samples.

I’ve tried to port Query Parser written in JScript from Integrating User Search with ASP and Microsoft SQL Server Full-text Search to C#. The “Converting JScript.NET to C#” tool is quite useful, but doesn’t do all the job. I wanted to understand  RegExp properties , but MSDN JScript  help example doesn’t show output. So I’ve wrote simple exampleRun.js using WScript.Echo:

WScript.Echo (matchDemo());

function matchDemo(){

   var s;

   var re = new RegExp("d(b+)(d)","ig");

   var str = "cdbBdbsbdbdz";

   var arr = re.exec(str);

   s = "$1 contains: " + RegExp.$1 + "\n";

   s += "$2 contains: " + RegExp.$2 + "\n";

   s += "$3 contains: " + RegExp.$3 + "\n";

   s += "input returns : " + RegExp.input + "\n";

   s += "lastMatch returns: " + RegExp.lastMatch + "\n";

   s += "leftContext returns: " + RegExp.leftContext + "\n";

   s += "rightContext returns: " + RegExp.rightContext + "\n";

   s += "lastParen returns: " + RegExp.lastParen + "\n";



Which produces the following output
$1 contains: bB

$2 contains: d

$3 contains:

input returns : cdbBdbsbdbdz

lastMatch returns: dbBd

leftContext returns: c

rightContext returns: bsbdbdz

lastParen returns: d

Update: I’ve noticed,that MSDN Jscript.NET  help includes the output, which is quite nice.