Converting existing ASP.NET Application to DotNetNuke -what is the best approach?

I've posted on ASP.NET forums the following:

I have an existing ASP.NET 1.1 Application that includes more than hundred different ASPX pages and user controls (ASCX). The application consists of a number search forms, results lists and data details forms to view and edit database data.

I am considering converting the application to DotNetNuke.


I am looking for information what is the best approach for converting.

Should I make all my User Controls be derived from Modules.PortalModuleBase or I can use Dynamic Load User Controls Module ?

Should I locate all my DNN User Control in one folder under DNN\DesktopModules or it’s better to create a few separate Modules.

Is it allowed to have User Controls in sub-folders of MyModule folder or it is recommended to have all of them in the root of the module.



Any info how to simplify the process and references how similar conversions were done would be appreciated.