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So my wife bought a toy to help my son celebrate his success during potty training.  Jason has recently decided he is a Thomas the Train fanatic so she naturally bought him a train from the series.  When he finally reached one of the milestones she had set we gave it to him.

So I went to open the toy and found out she had bought Diesel.  For those that don't know Diesel is the nominal bad guy.  As a bad guy though he really doesn't rate all that high.  His main trick, from what I can see, is to occasionally shove other trains around and have a bad attitude.

I tried to explain to her that as the mother of boys she needs to understand that certain toys are just not cool.  Diesel is at best a marginal bad guy toy.  He is not Darth Vader, which no set of Star Wars toys made sense without, he was not a stormtrooper, which made good cannon fodder.  He is at best Greedo.  There are just very few times where he makes sense to play with him.

I don't think she got it.

So she still had hope when she gave it to him.

The result was even more surprising than I thought.  He not only doesn't play with Diesel, he has shoved him in a tiny drawer in another toy and gets very upset if you take him out.

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As the father of a son who is a current Star Wars fanatic and a past Thomas fanatic, you nailed this one.

I'm not sure your modivation. If you want to tell you're wife "I told you so", feel free. If you want to help her by helping your son like playing with Diesel, rent "Thomas and the Magic Railroad",
Diesel is a major character in this movie and your son will enjoy re-enacting the scenes. You may gain some brownie points for later.
Left by John Workman on Aug 29, 2008 1:40 PM

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