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General Technology Related Topics

Tips for IT Career Advancement

As you progress through your career there are many paths in which to take. Inevitably you will choose a path that is incorrect or reach a point in which you feel as though you are stalled. Mike has been there as well. He will share some lessons learned, advice, and tips that have led to a successful career. Hopefully, you will find something useful to help guide you in your career.

Session Level: Beginner

.NET Related Topics

A Tour of .NET Fundamentals

This session will cover some of the foundational topics in the current .NET frameworks and languages including Generics, Lambda Expressions, Extension Methods, and LINQ. Developers of all experiences will benefit from this session. It will be a great opportunity for newcomers and the more experienced .NET developer to advance their skills. This session assumes that you have some basic programming experience, which can be educational.

Session Level: Intermediate

Introduction to RIA Services

RIA Services and Silverlight 4.0 are recent releases and are tightly integrated with .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. RIA services is a very powerful productivity tool/framework and can be a bit overwhelming when trying to learn. This session will cover an overview of RIA services and then dive into the details using the new Silverlight Business Application Template in VS.NET 2010. We will cover some tips to modifying the code that is generated by the template to tailor it for most enterprise environments.

Session Level: Intermediate

Leveraging Open XML to Create More Dynamic Docs

Take advantage of the Open XML format and the .NET SDK to construct and manipulate documents, allowing for simplified interactions with Office documents. This session covers the Open XML format, the Open XML SDK, and shows some examples of how to apply this in real world solutions. We’ll also discuss the role of some of the SharePoint Office Services.

Session Level: Intermediate

The Power of ASP.NET 4.0 Dynamic Data

ASP.NET Dynamic Data is now a matured offering of the .NET framework. In this session we will take a feature tour demonstrating its power and flexibility. We’ll discuss practical usages and customizations.

Session Level: Intermediate

Modularizing Applications using PRISM

Learn the basics of modularity using the PRISM framework. PRISM allows for segregating your Silverlight applications into separate Silverlight XAP files per module. Each module can be loaded individually and can be controlled by the containing application. We’ll walk through some scenarios, options, and examples of modularity using the PRISM framework and Silverlight. This session assumes that you have experience with developing solutions using Silverlight. No experience with PRISM is necessary.

Session Level: Advanced

Extending Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 is highly extensible allowing developers to create extensions, add-ins, and templates. In this session we will discuss some of these options and run through examples..

Session Level: Intermediate

SharePoint Related Topics

SharePoint for Application Architects

SharePoint is an integral part of many enterprise organizations. As architects who design solutions for line of business applications, it is important to understand how the SharePoint platform can be leveraged as part of an architecture. We are also asked to integrate or develop our applications in SharePoint. In this session we will learn about several options available for partially or fully integrating line of business applications in SharePoint. A basic understanding of SharePoint usage is necessary for this session.

Session Level: Intermediate

Introduction to the P & P SharePoint 2010 Guidance

This session covers the MS Patterns and Practices Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 guidance. The guidance includes documentation, samples, and code libraries for common functions. We will go through some of the major points made in the guidance, go through some of the examples, and discuss the provided application foundation code.

Session Level: Advanced

Tips for Becoming an Effective SharePoint Content Owner

This session is for new content owners to discover best practices and options for managing and sharing documents and content within their sites. It is also for seasoned content owners looking to improve the experiences of their users. We will cover various topics such as usage of content types, calculated fields, views, terms, metadata navigation, various content surfacing options using web parts and pages, when to create a new document library, when to create a folder, document sets, and others.

Session Level: Advanced

“No Feature” Solutions in SharePoint via jQuery

There are situations such as SharePoint Online (in a hosted environment) where you are unable to deploy solutions in SharePoint. In this session we will discuss options and customize a SharePoint site using jQuery, web services, CSS, and other non-server side code.

Session Level: Intermediate

Establishing a Workflow Strategy for SharePoint

There are various options for implementing user driven workflows in SharePoint including Out-of-the-box, Visio, Designer, Visual Studio, and 3rd party products. This session is to provide you with details on establishing a vision and strategy for workflows within SharePoint in your organization. We will cover a few of the options in the marketplace and briefly demonstrate two of the third party options including Nintex and K2 BlackPoint. This is a "no code" session and will discuss options for both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. For some this session will give you a jump start into establishing a workflow strategy in SharePoint. For others this session will help you think about bullet proofing your existing workflow strategy.

Session Level: Intermediate

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