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I’ll be very busy over the coming weeks wrapping up a big project for a client so I won’t have much time to write.  Here is a brief update on happenings. 

This week I was able to purchase my PDC 2009 ticket.  I am very much looking forward to this event as there are a LOT of exciting topics with the upcoming releases, Office 2010, VSTS 2010, and .NET 4.0.  I’ll be pretty busy after this event doing presentations at work, for clients, and a few user groups in the area after learning more at the PDC.

Next weekend is Houston TechFest, which I am looking forward to as well.  Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of time to look at the sessions to determine which I will attend.  On Friday night I’ll be attending a dinner for user group leaders in the South Central Region hosted by Microsoft.  It will be nice to meet a few of the leaders in the bigger markets such as Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.  We have been working pretty hard to improve the Baton Rouge .NET user group and promoting technology events in our area.  Thanks to Zain Naboulsi with MS for coordinating the dinner and helping us collaborate and improve!

Another event in which I am looking forward to is the upcoming SharePoint Saturday event in Birmingham, which I am hopefully going to be able to attend.  They are still working on sponsors and speakers.  If you are interested, go sign up.  Barry Ralston is one of the speakers and is very involved in the event.  He was a speaker at our SQL Saturday event and did a great presentation on BI Solutions for a Tough Economy.

We are already planning for SQL Saturday #28 in Baton Rouge on August 14, 2010.  This year Mark is getting us both sides of the building so that we can have around six concurrent sessions.  This will also spread us out giving us more room to handle more attendees and sponsor booths.  We’re compiling all of the feedback, gathering information from other events, asking for advice from larger event organizers, and working on more national sponsors so that our 2010 event will be even bigger and better.  After getting the first one under our belt and working out the kinks, the next one should go even smoother.  Of course, we have twelve months to plan this year whereas last year we only had four. 

Below is a list of upcoming events that I will be attending and that others in the south Louisiana area may be interested in attending.  Let me know if I missed any.

9/23/2009 Baton Rouge .NET User Group 5:30 - WCF
  Acadiana .NET User Group 5:30 - WCF
9/26/2009 Houston Tech Fest – All day
10/8/2009 New Orleans .NET User Group TBD
10/21/2009 Baton Rouge .NET User Group – Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, and other Goodness
10/29/2009 Acadiana .NET User Group - Introduction to Windows Azure
11/17 – 11/19 Los Angeles - Microsoft PDC
11/18/2009 Baton Rouge .NET User Group – Fluent NHibernate
11/21/2009 Birmingham - SharePoint Saturday
12/16/2009 Baton Rouge .NET User Group - Speaker Idol (2nd Edition)


Every two weeks there will be a SQL Lunch virtual event.  There are lots of great topics and a good opportunity for presenting on a short topic.  For more details see the calendar.

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