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So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to back up your data on a windows(XP(home and Pro) Vista (all versions)) machine. Some great little apps to backup data to external drives even to a network allocated storage device.

Did you however think great I have a way to backup the data and its working however my hard drives are filling up quickly. What do I do now?

Well you have options:

  1. Backup Less often (this can make things a bit interesting if you are constantly changing files and you may lose critical info.)
  2. Delete older backup files. (if your paranoid like me how far do you go back and delete backups?)
  3. Backup your data to a outside source.

So I am going to talk about option 3.  We want to publish all the backups to a outside source. Well what source or applications are available?

There are a ton of great backup applications/services on the web. I decided to just reference a few:

skydrive Microsoft Skydrive

Amazons3 Amazon S3 and JungleDisk Jungle Disk

Carbonite Carbonite

Mozy Mozy

SugarSync Sugar Sync

Yes I have tested these applications/services. Here is the break down.

Microsoft Skydrive: 25gigs of Storage. No automatic backup and have to be signed in to upload. Web interface to upload only. Non Encrypted. Free

Amazon S3: Pay per Gig use. Only a service. To be able to interface the service you have to use 3rd party applications (Jungle Disk) to do your backup. Encrypted transfers. Pay.

Carbonite: Unlimited storage. Installs to your local c drive and you can drag and drop files. Non Encrypted. Monthly service plan. *Used this service for 12months. Did not like the inflexibility of the service. Also after multiple emails asking if the data uploads and storage was encrypted. I was told in summary: Not to worry about what we do with your data. I promptly Canceled the service.

Mozy: Limited storage as of writing. A lot like carbonite. Non Encrypted. Monthly service plan

SugarSync : Another Clone to Carbonite and Mozy. Non Encrypted. Monthly service plan.


So there is the run down on services. However some things you might consider because it is your data. Right?

-Auto Backup?

-Where is the Data really going?

-Who has permission to view your data?




-How to Restore?

Service Auto Backup Data Stored (location) Who can see data? Availability(uptime) Encryption available Customer Support? Restore
Skydrive No Microsoft Private and Public ??? Hope microsoft servers stay online. No No or MSN support so No. No just download data
Amazon S3 Yes only if you use JungleDisk with it. Across all Amazon Data Centers Only You and those you invite(not recommended) ???
Seen Amazon down 3 times in year
Yes Yes Amazon support. Yes using Jungle Disk.
Carbonite Yes, If you map your drives correctly. Good luck. Carbonite Servers Could not be answered by Carbonite ??? As long as the company stays open. No, Once again could not be answered by Carbonite Yes, Very bad support via email. No
Mozy See Carbonite Mozy Servers Yes ??? ??? Email No
Sugar Sync See Carbonite Sugar Sync Servers Yes ??? ??? Email No


In summary all these services are very good. It is hard to choose a service unless you really nitpick.

My personal choice after using all these services. Is amazon s3 and Jungle Disk. As a second backup I use SkyDrive and for stuff I want to just publish to the web I use

Why I use these services is partly out of habit. However I like the pricing schema of Amazon s3 and the ease of making the files stored there made public.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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Posted on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 6:51 AM | Back to top

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# re: Backing up data and solutions that are available
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I've been using Amazon S3 with the Firefox addon, S3Fox. It's free and has worked well for me so far.

If you use it you'll see the S3 Organizer link in the Tools menu dropdown. You can also drag-and-drop using the link in the page tray (bottom right).

Check it out.


p.s. Amazon S3 has a usage calculator to estimate how much it would cost for your storage needs:
Left by Larry Humphreys on Apr 09, 2009 5:14 AM

# re: Backing up data and solutions that are available
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For my personal computers, I've been using SafeCopy, In particular I was able to backup USB drives, share files and backup both my Mac and PC with one account. I'm very happy with it and the price is reasonable as compared to the features it has. It may be worth checking out.
Left by Dobi on Apr 24, 2009 7:33 AM

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