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I am a huge fan of Pablo Castro(the presenter).


Astoria has become ADO.NET Data Services Framework.

Data in the web:

  • Ajax applications
  • Silverlight applications
  • Online Services
  • Mashups

Restful Interface for Data:

  • Just Http
  • Data as resources, HTTP methods to act on it.
  • Uniform URL syntax
  •   Every piece of info is addressable
  • Multiple representation
  •    Use regular HTTP content-type negotiation
  •    Atom, JSON, Plain XML

Book: Restful Web Services

Drill down data using Astoria(http request or get)

Model and Operation Semantics

  • Underlying data model
  •       Entity Data Model
  •       Entities -> Resources
  •      Associations -> Links
  • Operation semantics
  •       Usual mapping of HTTP methods
  •       Get -> retrieve resource
  •       Post -> create resource
  •       Put -> update resource
  •      Delete -> delete resource

URL Conventions

Addressing entities and sets

    Entity-set /Bookmarks

    Single entity /Bookmarks(123)

    Member access /Bookmarks(123)/Name

    Link Traversal  /Bookmarks(123)/Tags

    Deep access /Bookmarks(123)/Tags/('abc')

    Raw value access /Bookmarks(123)/Names/

Key words and syntax:

    $value get rid of (goo) xml or data tags

    $filter = Color eq Red  Get color red by filter Dollar signs so you don't use names?


     = or eq





      $expand  (=has to be a link)


     Format your data just using a http strings


Data Services

  •   Various data sources
  •      Entity Framework
  •      Linq providers


  •     Structural description in Entity Data Model
  •     Metadata shapes service

Create a linq provider use Astoria to turn it into service and you have http data access.

Set your rules in your class or web.config.


Refining and Securing Services

  • Visibility

           Read, Query, and Write options.

  • Authentication
  • Interceptors

          Execute before HTTP GET/PUT/POST/DELETE

  • Service Operations

              Custom entry points /MyTags?startDate='2002-28-08'

Astoria is:

Ajax integrated

Silverlight supported


Astoria is the future of data mining!



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