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Novell Novell’s NetDrive.

Transferring files to and from your blog’s web server can become a nuisance. Most of the pain is from having to use an NetDriveFTP program to move your files instead of the file  manager you are accustom to. Novell’s NetDrive can make this file juggling almost transparent. NetDrive lets you map your FTP server just like a local drive. Manage your files exactly like you would your offline files and NetDrive will do the uploading and downloading almost transparently.

Licensing restrictions keep Novell from distributing netdrive.exe on their web site so you will need to find it on the web.

System Requirements: Windows XP-Vista an FTP Account to connect to. A lot of patience due the fact this software was buggy to begin with.

Very Hard to find little app. NetDrive.exe










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