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  • mikedopp space heater at full blast and still just enough to keep the keyboard defrosted. Ah spring to summer transition. about 677 days ago
  • mikedopp favorite google search of the day [filetype:xls confidential] find out salaries of your favorite people. about 683 days ago
  • mikedopp enjoying the multi-window update fer my S3 :) about 683 days ago


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Mikes Retro Software of the Week 2/13/08
Little known(unless your a XP expert) Applications from Microsoft that really never went anywhere. Like the "shplayer" that is or was supposed to be the Shell media player for XP however rumor has it being axed on or before RTM. On a different note another outsourced XP(media player 9)powertoy for having a video screen saver was very cool until Microsoft released Media player 10 and 11 and the app broke. Since the original writer (AnalogX) of the app has not been heard from for a while no more updates ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 13, 2008 8:44 AM

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