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  • mikedopp space heater at full blast and still just enough to keep the keyboard defrosted. Ah spring to summer transition. about 676 days ago
  • mikedopp favorite google search of the day [filetype:xls confidential] find out salaries of your favorite people. about 682 days ago
  • mikedopp enjoying the multi-window update fer my S3 :) about 682 days ago


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Windows 2003 Using The Shadow command without Permission
In case you are wondering what is the “Shadow” command? Well in most server installs that have been built on the NT kernal there has been a version of the shadow command. What is the “Shadow” command? Lets for instance say you are using windows 2003 and want to gain screen(session) access to another users screen(session). Perhaps the person you are asking for shadow permission has an issue on his desktop and cannot figure it out. Think Remote Desktop access without the Remote part. To “Shadow” you ......

Posted On Monday, April 27, 2009 5:25 AM

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