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  • mikedopp space heater at full blast and still just enough to keep the keyboard defrosted. Ah spring to summer transition. about 698 days ago
  • mikedopp favorite google search of the day [filetype:xls confidential] find out salaries of your favorite people. about 704 days ago
  • mikedopp enjoying the multi-window update fer my S3 :) about 704 days ago


mikedopp Geekswithblogs (edition) Cost of Piracy There are 1 entries for the tag Cost of Piracy
Bandwidth costs and time for Sneakernet
Does transferring a terabyte of data via sneakernet make sense? First, consider the bandwidth capabilities and monthly cost of a few common Internet connections. Cost (month) Download rate per second Upload rate per second 56.6 Modem $15 5 KB 4 KB DSL $30 192 KB 24 KB DSL, Premium $50 384 KB 48 KB Cable $50 300 KB 30 KB Cable, Premium $80 600 KB 60 KB T1 $300 192 KB 192 KB T3 $1,400 5.4 MB 5.4 MB OC-3 $7,500 19 MB 19 MB Of course, costs may vary; I chose costs that jibed with my personal experience ......

Posted On Thursday, January 24, 2008 10:55 AM

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