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  • mikedopp space heater at full blast and still just enough to keep the keyboard defrosted. Ah spring to summer transition. about 699 days ago
  • mikedopp favorite google search of the day [filetype:xls confidential] find out salaries of your favorite people. about 704 days ago
  • mikedopp enjoying the multi-window update fer my S3 :) about 704 days ago


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Backing up data and solutions that are available
So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to back up your data on a windows(XP(home and Pro) Vista (all versions)) machine. Some great little apps to backup data to external drives even to a network allocated storage device. Did you however think great I have a way to backup the data and its working however my hard drives are filling up quickly. What do I do now? Well you have options: Backup Less often (this can make things a bit interesting if you are constantly changing files and you may lose ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 8, 2009 6:51 AM

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