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  • mikedopp space heater at full blast and still just enough to keep the keyboard defrosted. Ah spring to summer transition. about 676 days ago
  • mikedopp favorite google search of the day [filetype:xls confidential] find out salaries of your favorite people. about 682 days ago
  • mikedopp enjoying the multi-window update fer my S3 :) about 682 days ago


mikedopp Geekswithblogs (edition) Backup All your SQL Databases There are 1 entries for the tag Backup All your SQL Databases
All Your Base Belong to SQL or Backup all your SQL Databases with one Query
Most of you would rather the the first title before or. Can't Remember where I got most of this script(if you know please send me a hate email) however I did some enhancements and I am reposting it. DECLARE @DBName varchar(255) DECLARE @DATABASES_Fetch int DECLARE DATABASES_CURSOR CURSOR FOR select DATABASE_NAME = db_name(s_mf.database_id) from sys.master_files s_mf where -- ONLINE s_mf.state = 0 -- Only look at databases to which we have access and has_dbaccess(db_name(s_mf.d... = 1 -- ......

Posted On Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:25 AM

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