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You know...I never realized how much I like writing...I was always too preoccupied with all the shiny button and "lickable" interface Now that Thats all gone..I can actualy focus on writing....Although Im not going to keep This as my primpary blog... I think I will keep it just to post thoughts and random stuff...I mean...we geeks need SOME platform to express ourselves besides WoW right...RIGHT... Thank you to that man Who raised his han..No not you sir...behind you...Yes you ...O mean you Think WoW is more important too... Ok nevermind then We WANT another platform to express ourselvs (not need:( ) but thats not the point the point is .... The point is its .. umm... Dang......Im not sure what the point is besides the fact that Im rambling on and on and on...and .... Right ok later For real Ok im really going this time Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2006 7:54 PM | Back to top

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