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Guncraft on Kickstarter - Last Chance this weekend!

Andy Dunn, known far and wide as The Zman (accept no substitutes) has been a strong supporter of the XNA community for many years now (and the Managed DirectX community before that). This coming Sunday at 9:41 pm EDT (UTC + 4) the Kickstarter project for the game, Guncraft, (on which he is the Lead Programmer) comes to a close. They’ve garnered pledges in the amount of $15,375 at the time I’m writing this. The project must meet a funding target of $16,000 by the aforementioned deadline.

I think this is going to be a really fun game. I’ve pledged $65 towards it (and would pledge more if it weren’t tax season). If you have some spare loot and think it’d be a fun game, or if you just want to say thanks to him for everything he’s done over the years (and everything he’s likely to do in the years still to come), consider visiting that Kickstarter link above and making a pledge. If they don’t reach $16,000 then none of the donations take effect.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it meets the goal. I’ve spent money on many stupid things over the years; it’s nice when the chance to spend some money on something worthwhile comes along.

Here’s a trailer for it, for those wondering what it is that I’m so excited over:

(Presumably) Copyright © 2012 Exato Games (Sorry, retired lawyer-itis kicks in on stuff like this.)

Ganbatte Exato!

And good luck to everyone participating in Dream.Build.Play 2012 – just a little more than 80.5 days left until the submission period closes!

Update: They made it! Congratulations to everyone at Exato!

As an update, here’s a gameplay video that Andy pointed me to:

(Presumably) Copyright © 2012 Exato Games (Sorry, retired lawyer-itis kicks in on stuff like this.)
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Dream.Build.Play 2012 Registration Now Open!

Registration for this year’s Dream.Build.Play competition is now open! Head over to for more information and to register.

This year’s DBP includes not only Xbox 360 games but also Windows Phone games as well. So you can develop for either or both! Like last year, I’ve created an unofficial countdown clock for the end of the submission period. Check it out here: . But don’t wait until the last minute to submit your game; you can update your submission when needed and if you wait until the last minute, you might not make it in time. Optimally, you’ll be done and have everything submitted at least a day before the submission period closes.

There’s just over 98 days and 22 hours (as I’m writing this) until the submission period closes, so get busy creating awesome games! And don’t forget to register: it’s free and the registration period closes on May 15th (before the submission period opens). Good luck!

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