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Suresh Veeragoni, working as a Principal Consultant at Sogeti USA LLC (A subsidiary of Capgemini SA Group), developing SOA & BPM solutions for Businesses using Microsoft CSD products (BizTalk, WF, WCF etc)

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I am a BizTalk developer since BTS 2004 came. And recently did BTS 2002 Migration too
Recently I have been observing few Microsoft announcements and which made me to say this...
First look at what I have observed...
Look at Microsoft Application Server Roadmap-->Dublin
Look at the Microsoft Future Modeling related articles-->Oslo

Wow, it seems Microsoft is all over Europe..

Ok, here is my observation from what I heard, looking at these kind of announcements

BizTalk 2009 might be the last XLANG based Microsoft BizTalk Product.
In future Process Server/WF/WCF going to replace the capabilities of current Biztalk (but interestingly BizTalk magic word might get propagated).

What made me to think like this..because, the Process Server (a.k.a code name "Dublin"), WF and WCF provides almost similar
capabilities of BizTalk..Look at following table

Windows Communication Foundation 4.0

Windows Workflow
Foundation 4.0

Windows Server
"Dublin" technologies

RESTful enhancements

·   Simplifying the building of REST Singleton & Collection Services, ATOM Feed and Publishing Protocol Services, and HTTP Plain XML Services using WCF

·   WCF REST Starter Kit to be released on Codeplex to get early feedback

Messaging enhancements

·   Transports - UDP, MQ, Local in-process

·   Protocols - SOAP over UDP, WS-Discovery, WS-BusinessActivity, WS-I BP 1.2

·   Duplex durable messaging

Correlation enhancements

·   Content and context driven, One-way support

Declarative Workflow Services

·   Seamless integration between WF and WCF and unified XAML model

·   Build entire application in XAML, from presentation to data to services to workflow


Significant improvements in performance and scalability

·   Ten-fold improvement in performance

New workflow flow-control models and pre-built activities

·   Flowcharts, rules

·   Expanded built-in activities – PowerShell, database, messaging, etc.

Enhancements in workflow modeling

·   Persistence control, transaction flow, compensation support, data binding and scoping

·   Rules composable and seamlessly integrated with workflow engine

Updated visual designer

·   Easier to use by end-users

·   Easier to rehost by ISVs

·   Ability to debug XAML

Provide standard host for WF and WCF applications   

Pre-built developer services

·   Message-based correlation

·   Message forwarding service

·   Content-based message routing

·   Compensation service for long-running transactions

Greater scalability and easier manageability

·   Enable scale-out of stateful workflow applications

·   Persisting and rehydrating state for high scalability

·   Enhanced management and monitoring functions

·   Tracking store for workflow events

Supports “Oslo” modeling platform


Now, do you agree with me or not?!

Posted on Thursday, October 2, 2008 5:19 PM BizTalk , WCF , WF , Oslo | Back to top

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