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I've been working for <a href=““>Notion Solutions</a> for about a month now, but this weekend was the first time I have met all the other employees.  We had a company meeting at our headquarters in Dallas, TX.  It was nice to finally meet, in person, all the people I've been communicating with via email and instant messaging.  The first day of our meeting was all business, with each of us presenting to the others, to recieve some contructive criticism.  I ran into an issue where, when I had my VPC full-screened, my entire system slowed to a crawl. It was click, “wait 5 seconds”, see the result. I wasn't the only one who had that problem, but it kinda threw me off my game.  That, and I was extremely nervous.

The second day was “team-building”, AKA fun! We played WhirlyBall (think lacross with bumper cars) and then hit Dave&Busters.  Not having a Dave&Busters anywhere near me, I loved it!  But it was over all too soon, as I had to get to the airport.  And of course, after standing in line for 45 minutes to try and check a bag, right when I got to the counter, the system went down.  But I was still able to get to my flight no problem and get home to see my girls.

I feel really positive about this career change.  The guys and gals I am working with are all super-smart and nice, and I think the company itself is on very solid footing.  Remember, if you need help with Team System, <a href=““>check us out</a>!

A special thanks to Paul for driving all weekend (I'm a small town Mississippi boy, so I don't drive well in big cities!).

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