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A few months back, Ryan Niemeyer posted about a simple editor pattern for Knockout.js (anyone doing any significant Knockout development should be subscribing to his blog). Historically, I have used the “protected observable” which Ryan outlined in a post in 2011. In short, there are times when you are typing in a value and you need to ability to be able to “accept” or “cancel” user changes. The idea is that in addition the the observables for your object, you have 3 methods: 1) update() – which ......

Lately I’ve been playing with Kendo UI Mobile to build iPhone apps. It’s similar to jQuery Mobile in that they are both HTML5/JavaScript based frameworks for buildings mobile apps. The primary thing that drew me to investigate Kendo UI was its innate ability to adaptively render a native looking app based on detecting the device it’s currently running on. In other words, it will render to look like a native iPhone app if it’s running on an iPhone and it will render to look like a native Droid app ......

A few weeks ago, Scott Hanselman blogged about the challenges with working with JSON dates and the ASP.NET Web API. In the post he described how the current version of the Web API sends back dates in Epoch time. The conclusion of his post was that JSON.NET, which the Web API will use OOTB, will use ISO 8601 for JSON dates moving forward. This is all an ideal solution if you’re using the latest version of the ASP.NET Web API that uses JSON.NET. However, what if you’re in a situation where you are ......

KnockoutJS is an awesome MVVM JavaScript data binding framework for building rich user experiences. As sites get more interactive and more presentation logic gets pushed to the client-side, it’s important to have rich frameworks which enable these scenarios. The next version of MVC is going to include the Knockout NuGet package in the box. Now is a perfect time to start learning Knockout. As I’ve been learning Knockout, I’ve been pleased to discover that, although it comes with a rich set of features ......