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In a previous post, I talked about how to build your own custom Media Type Formatter with the WCF Web API. In this post, I used HAL as the media type to expose an API for Nerd Dinner. There are a core set of guiding principles to building RESTful services and one of those principles is that documentation efforts for a service should be focused on defining the media type(s) and link relations that the service uses. While it’s important to have a consistent pattern for URI design, it’s really not that ......

Media Type Formatters in the WCF Web API provide a way for the consumer of your service to not only specify the format they want for their response, but also specify the format they are using on their request. Typically the desired response format is specified in the “Accept” request header and the request body format is specified in the “Content-Type” request header. Media types are central to building any RESTful service. Two of the most common media types are “application/xml” and “application/json”. ......