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November 2010 Entries

There is a bunch of cool stuff coming out of Microsoft right now. As I’ve previously blogged, WCF Web APIs is one of them. One of the cool things that was shown by Glenn Block at PDC a couple of weeks ago was Media Type Processors. Media Type Processors provide a way to allow the consumer of your service to be able to specify the format they want on their response simply by setting the Accept header on the request (and thereby allowing your service to conform to HTTP standards). Out of the box, WCF ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my session at PDC10 Reston on Friday. The links to the various code and resources I using during the presentation can be found here: PowerPoint and Main Solution Visual Studio Async CTP WCF Web APIs ......

UPDATE: with the release of NuGet 1.0 RTM, this script has some breaking changes. For an updated version, see this post by Jon Galloway: Downloading a local NuGet repository with PowerShell. NuGet is simply awesome. Despite its relative infancy, it has already established itself as the standard for .NET package management. You can easily add packages from the public feed or even from a local directory on your machine. Phil Haack already has an excellent post describing how you set up a local feed. ......

Over the last 3 years, Microsoft has slowly but surely been embracing REST as a programming model for the web in WCF. .NET 3.5 SP1 introduced some REST constructs allowing us to invoke WCF services with HTTP GET/POST/PUT/DELETE verbs in conjunction with UriTemplates. The REST Starter Kit (RSK) was then introduced on CodePlex and this provided many great features including an HTML help page, request interceptors, an HTTP client library, and more. Then WCF 4 was released and some of the features in ......

Thanks to everyone who attended my Entity Framework 4 presentation at CMAP last night. The code samples and PowerPoint can be downloaded here. The code samples include the Code First Optimistic Concurrency demo that I did not have time to show. More information can be found on that here ......