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October 2010 Entries

On November 12, PDC is coming to Reston as part of the Local PDC Events. My company is sponsoring the event which will be hosted at the Microsoft Technology Center is Reston, VA. Details of the 1-day event can be seen here. The direct link register for this PDC event is here. I will be presenting the talk on the updates for Visual Studio 2010. Vishwas Lele will be presenting the highlights from the PDC keynote. Hope to see you there ......

Next week (Tuesday, October 26) I’ll be presenting Entity Framework 4 at CapArea. The following week (Tuesday, November 2) I’ll be presenting the same talk at CMAP. Hope to see you there!

Entity Framework 4 Code First CTP4 was released in July and the API for developing without any edmx continues to mature and get better. Code First allows you to define your entity framework configuration with a Fluent API similar to Fluent NHibernate. Although the API for EF Code First is very user friendly, you should still have integration tests to verify that you’ve configured your entities correctly. This post will walk through configuring EF4 Code First optimistic concurrency. Suppose I have ......