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Recently I blogged about WCF REST services with no svc file and no config. In this post I also discussed the pros/cons of WCF services as compared to using MVC controller actions for web services and I made the case that, in many instances, WCF REST services is better than using the MVC infrastructure because WCF provides: a more RESTful API with less work a convenient automatic help page to assist consumers of your service automatic format selection (i.e., xml/json) depending on HTTP headers In ......

Recently we had a project where we needed to render certain questions on the screen dynamically based on answers to previous questions on previous screens. For questions that need to dynamically be visible/invisible on the same screen, this can simply be controlled with jQuery. However, in this case, based on the user’s input on previous screens we know there are certain questions that will not be applicable before the current screen even loads. In this case, we could use jQuery to set those questions ......