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August 2010 Entries

Thanks to everyone who attended my MVC 2 presentation last night at DC DNUG. I was very impressed with this new user group. We had a good turn out and got good questions from the participants. The code and PowerPoint from the presentation can be downloaded here.

Wednesday night (8/25/2010) I will be presenting Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity at DC DNUG. This is a brand new user group that just started a couple of months ago and it will be my first time there. I hope to see you there!

While Microsoft continues to add features to WCF with each version, they are also adding features that simplify working with WCF services as well. Historically WCF has been somewhat intimidating to the uninitiated because of the non-trivial configuration for endpoints including behaviors, bindings, and much more. For this reason, a lot of people stayed with “old school” asmx web services. With the new features of WCF 4, you can build powerful web services with *no* svc file and *no* endpoint configuration. ......

Generics are nothing new and have been part of .NET for over 5 years. Reference types and value types are core concepts in the CLR type system and these concepts have been the same since .NET was released – they are also nothing new. However, when I ask about these concepts during interviews, I often get a wide range in quality of the answers to these questions. If you get asked about these topics in an interview, be prepared to give great answers! You don’t have to give a textbook perfect memorized ......