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A while back I blogged about how to create an HTML Helper to produce a radio button list. In that post, my HTML helper was “wrapping” the FluentHtml library from MvcContrib to produce the following html output (given an IEnumerable list containing the items “Foo” and “Bar”): 1: <div> 2: <input id="Name_Foo" name="Name" type="radio" value="Foo" /><label for="Name_Foo" id="Name_Foo_Label">Foo&... 3: <input id="Name_Bar" name="Name" type="radio" value="Bar" /><label ......

In a couple of recent Code Camps, I’ve given my presentation: Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity. In the presentation, I cover all major new features introduced in MVC 2 with a focus on productivity enhancements. To drive the point home, I conclude with a final demo where I build a couple of screens from scratch highlighting many (but not all) of the features previously covered in the talk. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to make it available online so here it is. In 2 minutes the ......

Tomorrow (5/19/2010) I’ll be at BaltoMSDN presenting C# 4.0.  Also, on Saturday I’ll be presenting MVC 2 at the Richmond Code Camp.  Hope to see you there!

Portable Areas from MvcContrib provide a great way to build modular and composite applications on top of MVC. In short, portable areas provide a way to distribute MVC binary components as simple .NET assemblies where the aspx/ascx files are actually compiled into the assembly as embedded resources. I’ve blogged about Portable Areas in the past including this post here which talks about embedding resources and you can read more of an intro to Portable Areas here. As great as Portable Areas are, the ......

When I first heard that TFS 2010 had moved to Workflow Foundation for Team Build, I was *extremely* skeptical. I’ve loved MSBuild and didn’t quite understand the reasons for this change. In fact, given that I’ve been exclusively using Cruise Control for Continuous Integration (CI) for the last 5+ years of my career, I was skeptical of TFS for CI in general. However, after going through the learning process for TFS 2010 recently, I’m starting to become a believer. I’m also starting to see some of ......

My C# 4.0 presentation recorded at the Philly.NET Code Camp was posted on Channel 9 today. You can view it here.

Thanks to everyone who attended my MVC 2 presentation today at CMAP Code Camp. The code samples and PowerPoint can be downloaded here: Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity.

This Saturday is the CMAP Spring Code Camp. I’ll be presenting “Top 10 Ways MVC 2 Will Boost Your Productivity.” You can register here. I hope to see you there!